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Perfecting Comfort With Replacement Windows

Hawaii is an absolutely gorgeous place to live. There’s no better place on earth to catch the sunset than Hawaii, where the ocean is the backdrop and the weather is gorgeous. But just because it’s beautiful everywhere you look doesn’t mean you’re always comfortable. And when discomfort from the heat and humidity follows you into
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Replacement Windows Are For The Pros

Everyone has certain talents, right? Some people are good at math while others excel at writing. You probably started your career based on your talents. You don’t become a financial expert if you stink at math and you don’t write books if you think in numbers. Not everyone was made to install windows, either. And
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What Are Replacement Windows With Gas Fillings?

Windows are highly functional parts of any home. They let in the air when you want a fresh breeze, carry in natural light, and allow you to see the views outside your house. However, they are also a breach in your walls that can cost you a lot of money over the years. If you
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3 Upgrades You Need for Your Home Before You Sell

Selling a home is exciting, but it’s a long and tedious process. It can also be confusing because there are innumerable suggestions online, on home improvement reality shows, and in magazines telling homeowners they need to do huge renovations in order to sell. This isn’t necessarily true. Improving the home will help it sell more quickly,
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Learning About Aluminum Windows

In the home renovation industry, the most talked about Kaneohe, HI replacement windows are vinyl or wood. Vinyl, because it’s affordable, recyclable, and provides great durability. Wood, because it’s timeless and strong. But, there’s another great, region-specific option that works very well for a Hawaiian climate: aluminum windows. In case you’re unfamiliar with aluminum windows and
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This Old House and Maintaining Its Charm

Historic homes often have old, drafty windows. Worse, they almost always include single pane glass, which does little to regulate indoor temperatures against the temperature changes. Though, many homeowners worry that replacing old, vintage windows with modern ones could ruin the historic look of the home, subsequently ruining the home’s value. This can be true. But,
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