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What You Won’t Say About Your Replacement Windows

Once you get replacement windows in Honolulu, HI installed onto your home, your reaction could be varied. Some people are in awe of their home’s appearance while others appreciate the comfort they have inside their house. The reactions are different depending on the homeowner, but there are a few things you probably won’t say once the project is complete. Here are a few examples.

I Want My Old Energy Bills Back

When you compare your old energy bills to the new ones you’ll have once you get replacement windows, there will be quite a difference. With the old bills, air was leaking into and out of your house, which caused your home to need more energy to keep things comfortable. You were essentially throwing money and energy out the window. With the new bill, things are sealed up and air doesn’t get in or out. You don’t need as much energy to keep things where you want them to be so the bills are lower. So, what do you think? Do you want lower bills or higher bills? You certainly don’t want your old energy bills back when you can have new, lower ones.

I Wish My New Windows Sagged Like The Old Ones

Older windows have been through a lot in the years you’ve had them. And, let’s face it, older windows aren’t built like windows are today. With all the new technology included, it’s a lot easier to make windows that are sturdy and long-lasting. If your old windows were warped and sagging, it showed. When you get new windows put in, they look fresh and nice. They aren’t warped or sagging, nor are they in danger of being like that in the future. What do you prefer? Sagging windows or new, clean lines? Of course you like the new ones!

I Miss Window Maintenance

Does anyone really enjoy painting, scraping, and maintaining older windows? When you get new windows, especially if you choose vinyl, you don’t have to worry about that project any longer. You won’t miss it. If anything, you’ll think back on the maintenance you did and be thankful that you no longer have to do such things for your windows. You’ll save money and, more importantly, precious time.

When you have replacement windows in Honolulu, HI, there are many things that you might say about them. You might comment on how great they look or how easy they are to operate. You most likely won’t say any of the above things and those are all great signs that you’ve made the right decision for your home. If you’d like to get new windows, there are plenty of options on the market and the professionals at Discount Windows & Doors can help you find the right fit. Call us at (808) 673-6656 and we’ll set you up with a consultation appointment or answer your questions by phone. You can also tour our showroom at 45-564 Kamehameha Hwy, Unit A1, Kaneohe, HI 96744 and get ideas.

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