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What Window Replacement Upgrades Are Best For Hawaiian Homes?

When you get replacement windows in Kaneohe, HI, it makes sense that you are going to want different things on your windows than residents in Alaska or somewhere else that doesn’t have nice weather like Hawaii. The issues in this state are different than those in other locations. And while no two houses are identical and you need to take your budget and other elements into account, these are a few of the upgrades you might want to consider in this area of the country.

Low-E Glass Coatings

If you get only one upgrade for your home in Hawaii, let it be the low-E glass coatings. This coating doesn’t show at all. It’s a thin metallic placed right on the panes of glass. Even though you can’t see it, you will definitely feel the difference. The coating reflects heat so on the days when the sun is beating down, you can leave your window shades open and enjoy the natural light, but you won’t get any heat from the sun. This makes your home operate in a more efficient manner and, in the winter, when things get chilly, the windows will reflect your heat back into your home for further efficiency than as well. And, as an added bonus, the windows block UV rays so nothing in your home will fade any longer. Your quilts from grandma, the new floors, and the furniture fabric will all remain vibrant.

Triple Pane Glass

Windows come as a standard today with double pane glass. But you can upgrade to triple pane glass and that upgrade can do great things for your home. You might first notice that your home has more peace and quiet than before. IF you live in a noisy area, maybe near the airport, you won’t hear nearly as much inside as you did before. And, the windows give you an extra layer of glass as insulation, which will help you get more efficiency from your home. Not only does that extra layer of glass help, but the space between the glass adds insulation as well. You won’t have nearly as much air moving in and out of your home.

While there are other upgrades to consider, you will want to match things to your home and budget. Keep in mind that when you see the Energy Star label on windows in the area, the windows have been tested and judged according to your region. These windows meet certain requirements for Hawaii and the elements you experience in this area. It’s good to start with windows that have that label and then compare and upgrade from there.

If you’d like to know more about other upgrades that work well for replacement windows in Kaneohe, HI, the experts at Discount Windows & Doors can help. We know this region and we know windows. Together, we’ll find something within your budget that will suit your home and help you to meet whatever goals you have for the space.

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