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Weird Things You Can Discover Through Replacement Windows

Whenever professionals are working on your home, you can’t predict exactly how things are going to go. Have you ever watched a home improvement show? They have all these plans and when they start to put them into action, they often run into a snafu. The same thing could happen to you when you get replacement windows in Kaneohe, HI! While more often than not, the old windows come out and the new windows go in without an issue, weird things can be discovered in the meantime. Here are some things that you might hear when your old windows come out.

You Have Structural Damage

If your windows are old enough and have started to rot away, that rot doesn’t just stop on the window frame at times. It could have seeped into the framing on your house, the siding, or other areas. That structural damage may not be something you can recognize until the window comes out and the installers see more behind it. When they notice that damage, it will likely have to be fixed before they can go on putting your windows in. That’s part of why it’s good for you to be on hand when the windows are being installed. If you have any questions, you can ask along the way and you are there to see the damage and approve fixes if something is up.

You Have Mold

Sometimes you can see mold growing on your window frames, but even if you don’t see anything, it could be there, between your walls. If you find out you have mold, that’s something you definitely want to stop in its tracks. Once mold is present, it just keeps growing until it is taken care of. You will want the window installation to stop and the mold to be thoroughly cleaned up and eradicated before the new windows go in. You don’t want it to keep growing, dangerously unseen, behind new windows. The new windows will prevent new growth since they won’t let any rain or moisture through. But the old mold has to be cleaned up first.


The last thing you want to hear is that you have something living in your home uninvited. But when old windows come out, installers could see termites, mice, bats, or other critters living in the area, let in by the old, leaky windows. You will want to have pest control taken care of before you move on with window installation.

For the most part, getting replacement windows in Kaneohe, HI goes smoothly and you don’t have these extra problems come up, but you never know what’s going to happen when the old windows come out. These are just a few of the things you could see or hear. When you want more details about new windows, contact the professionals at Discount Windows & Doors by stopping by our showroom at 45-564 Kamehameha Hwy, Unit A1, Kaneohe, HI 96744 or calling with questions at (808) 673-6656.

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