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Self-Cleaning Windows for The Busy Honolulu Homeowners

Adults and children have a few things in common: we do not like to be told what to eat; we get cranky when we’re sleepy; and we don’t typically ever want to clean up after ourselves. In fact, in many ways—we can (and do) behave even more childishly. For example, how many times have you procrastinated an oil change for your vehicle or put off that overdue roof repair simply because you didn’t feel like it? Adulting is hard, no doubt. There’s so much cleaning and maintenance and budgeting involved.

We hear you! The professionals at Discount Windows & Doors know this struggle! We too find ourselves so busy in our personal lives that responsibilities get pushed off at times. Everyday life in Honolulu can become a blur when you balance work, relationships, children, car repairs, and house maintenance. So we have worked out a window solution to help mitigate one of your household chores…window cleaning.

The truth is, we either don’t have the time or discipline to keep our windows clean, no matter how much we would prefer to look through spotless windows at the beautiful landscape of the island before us. So, Makai Windows have been manufactured with busy homeowners in mind; they are self-cleaning!

Yes. You read that correctly!

How this works:
Our exclusive Makai windows use Cardinal's NEAT glass, which is a Titanium Dioxide coating manufactured to promote clean windows based on interaction with the environment. UV rays (direct or reflected) from the sun activate the NEAT Titanium Dioxide Coating on the outside surface in two ways:

  • The coating helps to loosen debris. The sunlight creates a photoactive surface, which loosens debris that has clung to the surface (pollen, smudges, dirt, bird feces, etc.).
  • Smooth and super-hydrophilic to wash away debris.
  • Definition of a photoactive surface: capable of a chemical or physical change in response to illumination.
  • Definition of a hydrophilic surface: materials with an attraction for water, which spreads across and maximizes contact. Water sheets off the glass, leaving glass clear, instead of covered in water spots.

In a simple explanation, this results in virtually spotless windows as a result of regularly occurring rain and sunshine!

For a visualization of this process, go here.

For a video demonstration and explanation of this state-of-the-art technology, go here.

Just think of the time and money you will save yourself over the years with self-cleaning Honolulu windows through Discount Windows & Doors.  The beauty of Honolulu deserves to be seen through your windows with clear glass, don’t you think? Our team would be delighted to show you a real-life demonstration of this technology so you can see for yourself! Give us a call or stop by our showroom anytime. Just think, when the rains come and while the sun shines, your windows will be crystal-clear…as if you just had them professionally cleaned! Consider our NEAT, self-cleaning windows and get a handle on Adulting the way you always wanted—without the chores!

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