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Hurricane Resistant Impact Glass, Self-Cleaning, Heat and Noise Reduction, UV Protection, Innovative Design

Makai Impact Windows and Doors, sold exclusively by Discount Windows & Doors, offer protection from hurricanes, tropical storms, and unwanted intruders.  These quality windows and doors bring you everything that technology can offer in a window -  UV protection, heat and noise reduction, energy savings, self-cleaning glass - with the added benefit of Hurricane Resistant Impact Glass AND at a price you can afford!


Hurricanes and tropical storms can shatter windows resulting in flying shards of glass, severe injuries to your family and significant damage to your home. Makai Impact Windows and Doors offer all the benefits our customers expect from our Makai Products with the added protection of Hurricane Resistant Impact Glass.  Impact protection is provided by an 8Mil heavy-duty polyester compound, engineered by LLumar, that's clear, invisible, but incredibly strong.  This layer, applied with C-Bond technology, provides a barrier that increases both the flexibility and the strength of the glass and holds glass in place during impact.  The compound is bonded to surfaces using the industry’s strongest adhesives. LLumar has engineered their window film for strength; this barrier helps protect you and your home against the damaging effects of flying shattered glass and makes forced entry by an intruder very difficult.  Go to the corresponding tabs above to learn more about Llumar and C-Bond technology.


LOW E Triple Coat is specially formulated to reflect the sun's heat without diminishing incoming light.  The inside surface of the outer sheet of glass is triple coated with silver, an element with excellent heat-reflective properties that blocks ultraviolet (UV) rays.  Argon gas, sealed between glass panes, provides another barrier to heat transfer.  The result: Makai Impact Windows allow beautiful light into your home, reduce heat and block 99% of the UV rays that fade drapes, furniture, artwork and flooring.


Makai Windows use Cardinal's NEAT glass. NEAT is a Titanium Dioxide coating that uses two mechanisms to keep windows clean. First, it creates a photoreactive surface that loosens dirt and organic material. Secondly, its smooth super-hydrophilic surface allows water to sheet off, reducing water spots. The result is that, with a little sun and little rain, windows are left clean and virtually spotless.


The frames are composed of virgin vinyl that won't discolor or become brittle and reinforced with aluminum for added strength.


Makai Impact Products are available in all styles: horizontal sliding, single-hung, double-hung, awning, casement, picture windows and sliding doors. Window and door frames are available in white and almond as standard options but can also be custom painted to match your home and decor.

LLUMAR Safety and Security Window Films

Protection that isn't Bulky, Heavy, Ugly or Expensive 

Thin, clear and barely detectible, LLumar's 8Mil protective safety and security film can stand up to hurricanes, storms, baseballs and burglars.  You can trust windows installed with LLumar's 8Mil Safety Film to safeguard your family and the possessions you value most against hurricanes, break-ins, vandalism, and accidents.

LLumar has engineered their window film for strength, with a heavy-duty polyester compound that’s bonded to surfaces using the industry’s strongest adhesives. Once installed, the safety and security film steadfastly shields your home against unwelcome surprises.

Benefits of LLumar Safety and Security Window Film:

  • Provides a virtually invisible layer of protection that helps to hold fragments in place when glass shatters due the force and debris of dangerous winds.
  • Impact from flying debris or stray softballs isn’t as dangerous when glass stays together, with few or no sharp edges .
  • When film-covered glass is hit hard enough to shatter, individual fragments adhere to the film instead of scattering.

C-BOND - Used with ALL Makai Impact Products

How Does C-Bond Work?

The C-Bond technology works as a "smart solution" increasing the performance of glass and window film properties.  C-Bond identifies and repairs random microscopic glass defects (a natural part of every glass surface) and enhances the adhesion of film-to-glass products.  In the event of impact, C-Bond prevents large pieces of glass from escaping and potentially causing injury. C-Bond is a technology supported by 23 patents and has been tested by leading independent laboratories in accordance with government, industry and law enforcement standards and validated to significantly improve the performance properties of glass and window film products.

The Science

C-Bond was developed at Rice University, recipient of the Nobel Prize for nano science research and home to the Smalley Institute of Nanoscale Science & Technology and is a direct result of nanotechnology engineering.  C-Bond Systems partners and works with the most highly regarded specialty institutions and highly qualified experts in the glass, window film, and nanotechnology industries.

Benefits of C-Bond
  • Patented nanotechnology window film application solution
  • Best practice for EXCELLENCE in all window film application
  • Increases GLASS STRENGTH by up to 100%
  • Increases GLASS FLEXIBILITY by up to 100%
  • Increases FILM-TO-GLASS ADHESION by up to 50%
Additional Resources

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