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Exterior Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Protection and Security

Hurricane Shutters provide protection against intruders and hurricanes

Hurricane Shutters are mounted over window, doors and can also used in other applications


With the shutters down you have complete privacy, sound reduction and complete security

Hurricane Shutters virtually disappear when not in use. 

Hurricane Shutters can be used with sliding glass doors to provide optimum security

Hurricane Shutters

Retractable Products to Enhance your Lifestyle

Discount Windows & Doors is proud to offer our Hawaii Ohana Rolling Shutters, manufactured in the USA by Tucson Rolling Shutters, INC.  If you are concerned about protecting your family, home or business from hurricanes or from break-ins, Rolling Shutters provide an excellent solution.  Rolling Shutters are mounted over windows, doors, patios or anywhere a secure insulated barrier is needed.  Close the shutters to block heat and light, deter intruders, and reduce sound. Put them in the “vent” position for soft lighting and ventilation. The interlocking slats are aluminum and filled with dense ecologic foam for insulation and rigidity. The foam core stops 99% of the radiant heat from entering your space.  This insulation combined with the “dead air” space between the shutter and the glass, makes a rolling shutter one of the best products available to stop heat, cold, sound, and light.

Highlights and Features:

  • The ultimate security - protect against storms and intruders
  • Stops 99% of radiant heat - the best insulation for windows & doors 
  • Total privacy
  • Room darkening - No more glare on your TV
  • Reduce noise up to 60%
  • Motorized, radio remote, wall switch, or home automation
  • Manual Overrides for safety
  • LIFETIME warranty on Motors and Electronics

Quality Construction 

T Block Locking Feature  - The T-Block auto locking feature prevents forced entry from the outside. Rolling shutters lock when completely in the down and closed position. The spring loaded hinge system forces the slats down into a locked position;  slats cannot be pushed up or forced open.   You can feel confident that your home is well protected in a storm or hurricane and while you are away.

55mm Slat -  Rolling shutter slats are made of aluminum and filled with a very dense ecologic foam providing insulation and rigidity.  The 55mm slat is used for wider openings and free expanses between posts or columns.  Used on applications up to 16 feet wide,  slats interlock to prevent separation under load.  Powder coated finish for longevity, available in 6 standard colors or custom powder coating available


55mm Guide Rails -  Extruded aluminum side rails guide and retain the slats as they travel up or down. Guide rails are deep to retain the slat better in windy conditions. Guide rails are powder coated and have a removable felt runner that cushions the slats.









Hurricane Shutters are available in 6 standard colors and can also be custom matched.

Tucson Rolling Shutters

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Examples of commercial applications

Shutters can be sign written adding additional marketing value

Hurricane Shutters

Commercial Use

Rolling Shutters are the ultimate protection over doors and windows and give business owners peace of mind by preventing break-ins.  Rolling Shutters also provide protection against damage in a hurricane.   Auto locking features make shutters very convenient; just push a button and secure your entire business.

Rolling Shutters disappear into the aluminum housing at the top so your store front is inviting during business hours. 
When your shop is closed, Rolling Shutters prevent break-ins. 

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Jerry Griffin (President, Discount Windows & Doors) and Mana Gauthier (VP, DWD) visit Tucson Rolling Shutters and tour their manufacturing and powder coating facility.


Manufacturing Quality Since 1979

Since the company was formed in 1979, Tucson Rolling Shutters, Inc. always remains true to teamwork, pride, integrity and innovation so customers consistently get the best products and service available. All new products are planned, engineered and tested from CAD drawings to rapid design to final extrusions. Innovation is part of our never-ending quest for the most cutting edge retractable product available in any market. Tucson Rolling Shutters uses computerized equipment combined with years of manufacturing and construction experience to build the best retractable products available today.

Tucson Rolling Shutters:

  • Locally owned and operated Tucson company
  • Manufacturer of all their products
  • Offer innovation for products and manufacturing
  • Offer the only lifetime motor and electronics warranty in the industry
  • Products are built to last many years without service
  • Strong team with commitment and passion
  • An honest company offering the highest quality solar protection products



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