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Plastpro Fiberglass Doors


Plastpro fiber doors

Plastpro's patented Hydroshield Entry System Technology- combines the quality and durability of our Fiberglass doors with the strength and reassurance of our formulated poly-fiber (PFTM) Frames. The end result is a complete custom entry system that resists moisture, rot, corrosion, insect penetration and will remain warp free, splinter free and mold free for many years to come.

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Fiberglass Doors Features and Benefits:

  • Six Side Protection- against water infiltration
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Door Skins- high impact compression molded skins that are unaffected by moisture and humidity
  • Full-Length Composite Stiles- preventing water penetration into the door's insulation
  • Full-Length Composite Top and Bottom Rails- additional non-porous protection that keeps water from seeping into the door and are able to accommodate a range of door sweeps

PF Frames Features and Benefits:

  • Closed Cellular Structure- ensures doorframe & molding will not absorb or wick moisture
  • Rigid Poly-Fiber Formulation- eliminates the need for an aluminum support channel
  • Twice the Screw-Holding Power- of traditional wood doorframes
  • Easily Machined- same way as traditional wood jambs with no added hassle
  • Various Lengths and Styles- available also for Arch and Radius door frames

Plastpro's Hydroshield Entry Systems are guaranteed to provide a long lasting, rot-free entryway.

Impact Doors

Impact Doors retain all the benefits and beauty of our panel doors with added protection in extreme weather conditions. Our innovative R&D department has pioneered a unique patent-pending process whereby a missile proof shield is inserted to reinforce the door. Thus, our Impact Doors are engineered to withstand penetration by flying objects that may be propelled by high winds. Impact doors are available in Woodgrain, Smooth Skin, and Onelite options with specially formulated impact resistant glass.

Fire Rated Fiberglass Door and Fire Rated PF Frame

  • 20 minute Warnock Hersey Fire Rating Approval
  • Great for Single and Multi-family Homes, and Light Commercial Applications.
  • Earn Tax Credit for Using Plastpro Energy Efficient Fiberglass Door
  • More Affordable

Containing a fire retardant foam core, the doors and door frames have a Warnock-Hersey fire rating that guarantees their ability to withstand high-temperature fires for a minimum of 20 minutes.

The stiles as well as top and bottom rails in each door are designed to meet fire-rating code regulations, and offer the utmost protection and safety. Additionally, each fire-rated entry product features Plastpro's Hydroshield Technology, which allows the doors to resist denting, splintering, warping and corrosion.

"We are the 1st and only fiberglass door manufacture that provides not only fire rated but water proof entry system. Our fire-rated doors are extremely durable and fire retardant, and most importantly, provide you a safer home while still being more affordable and energy efficient "commented Franco An, president of Plastpro, Inc. "They can also be used in a variety of areas including between a home and its garage, as a utility room door, or as entry doors to individual units within multifamily, high-rise and hotel buildings." The Plastpro Fire Rated and Water Proof Composite Entry System is great for Single and Multi-family Homes, and Light Commercial Applications.

Rot-Free PVC Composite Door Frame: PF Frames

Door frames improved

Plastpro PF Frames are an innovative new alternative to traditional wood door frames. After extensive research and development, we have formulated a full length PVC composite door frame that combines all the strength and convenience of wood door frames with enhanced properties that make it moisture and insect resistant. Your Plastpro PF door frame will last years after your neighbors' wooden frames deteriorate.

Plastpro PF Frames will never absorb moisture, splinter, rot like wood, or rust like metal door frames. Plastpro PF frames can be machined the same way as traditional wood door frames but have twice the screw holding power of wood.

Plastpro PF Frames are also available for Arch Top and Radius Top doors. Plastpro is the only manufacturer to offer full length, rot-free composite Arch and Radius door frames in the building industry.

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