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No one can match the quality, strength, longevity and value of Makai  Windows and Doors.

Makai Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors were created with design, technology and value in mind. In keeping with our exceptional window design, Makai Sliding Doors use the same state of the art technology. Virgin vinyl high impact  frames, with their ability to withstand Hawaii's fierce UV rays, ensures lifelong durability without fading, chalking or yellowing. Cardinal NEAT 366 Triple Silver Low E Self Cleaning Safety Glass ensures a cool, secure cool home.  Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware is used throughout.
  • High-Impact Aluminum Reinforced Frames
  • Fusion welded mitred corners provide strength and durability
  • Slimline and French Rail options
  • Available in white and almond as standard options
  • Custom range of exterior colors also available


  • Cardinal NEAT 366 Triple Silver Low E Self Cleaning Safety Glass  (Learn More)

Designer Hardware

  • Handle activated stainless steel multi-point locking system
  • Handle options: brushed nickel,brass, white, tan and adobe

Additional Features

  • Available in custom and standard sizes from 5' to 16' wide and 5' to 8' high.
  • A wide range of standard and custom grid options available.
  • Meet or exceed AAMA and NFRC standards
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty

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Technology Makes All The Difference

A little history: Hawaii has some of the most extreme UV exposure on earth, capable of destroying all but the very best vinyl and our salt and humidity corrode metal.  Prior to 2008, most windows sold in Hawaii were designed and built on the mainland.  Existing vinyl frames frequently would yellow or become brittle with UV exposure, the thickness of glass used was woefully inadequate for use in a hurricane zone, no local window companies were selling windows with 100% marine grade stainless steel hardware, most screens were of poor design, and thermal efficiency was generally poor.

Makai Range New Technology:  In 2008 Discount Windows & Doors developed a window  and door system  using state of the art technology, Makai Range Windows and Doors. We improved every facet of existing windows, introducing a superior window system to Hawaii.   Pure Virgin Vinyl, with it's high percentage of Titanium Dioxide, is the only vinyl able to stand up to the harsh exposure of Hawaiian sunshine.  Marine grade stainless steel used throughout resists corrosion; high impact aluminum reinforced frames and safety strength glass for strength and durability.  Our sliding glass doors are like no other window sold in Hawaii.



Salt and Humidity: The majority of homes in Hawaii experience varying degrees of salt exposure. The combination of high humidity and salinity in the air combined with tropical temperatures create an extremely corrosive environment.  Makai Range Window and Doors are manufactured with the highest grade of stainless steel window and door hardware available to combat corrosion.

Effects on Glass: Salt can also be problematic on glass causing etching and constant staining; salt also attracts moisture and dirt. By using Cardinal NEAT self Cleaning Glass, the problem is eliminated.  Salt and dirt are easily washed off by simply hosing down these windows which dry virtually spotless every time.

Labanon living room

Low E Glass and Light

Makai Range Windows and Doors reduce the amount of incoming heat by using the latest high-performance glass in a double-paned, insulated glass unit.

Virtually all homes in Hawaii have at least one an area that is hot during the day due to sun exposure.  The average window or glass door allows most heat from the sun (infra red radiation) to penetrate.  The solution is LOW E Triple Coat, which is specially formulated to reflect the sun's heat without diminishing incoming light.  The inside surface of the outer sheet of glass is triple coated with silver, an element with excellent heat-reflective properties that blocks ultraviolet (UV) rays.  Argon gas, sealed between glass panes, provides another barrier to heat transfer.  The result: Makai Sliding Glass Doors allow beautiful light into your home but drastically reduce heat and 99% of the UV rays that fade drapes, furniture and flooring.

Spend less time cleaning!

Makai Windows use Cardinal's NEAT glass. NEAT is a Titanium Dioxide coating that uses two mechanisms to keep windows clean. First, it creates a photoreactive surface that loosens dirt and organic material. Secondly, its smooth super-hydrophilic surface allows water to sheet off, reducing water spots. The result is that, with a little sun and little rain, windows are left clean and virtually spotless.

Learn More About Cardinal Self-Cleaning NEAT glass:


NEAT Self-Cleaning Glass

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