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Preparing For That Window Replacement Installation

Once you go through the process and choose every detail you want in the replacement windows in Aiea, HI, you will then have to prepare your home for the installation process. The installers might send you a list of things you should get done before they arrive. Otherwise, you will want to ask what you should do. Or, you can do some of these things that always need to get done so you can allow the installers to start the installation process right away when they arrive.

Move Fragile Items

If you have breakable items sitting on a table near a window, you are going to want to move those things. The professionals are going to be very careful around your home and possessions, but they might bump things and you don’t want any accidents occurring with your most precious items. Move those things to other rooms or place them somewhere safe, like in a closet or under a bed, where they can’t be touched on accident.

Clear A Path To Windows

The installers are going to need to be able to get into your house and to every window that they are replacing. There might be certain things that are in the way of that and you should clear a path from the door to every window in the house. You might have some piles of items in other areas of the house, but that’s okay. You just need those paths clear.

Lay Flooring Protection

If you have delicate flooring, or you want to minimize the dirt you have to clean up later, you might want to lay some plastic or cloths so your flooring is protected. If you have carpeting, for example, the installers likely won’t be able to remove their shows and replace them every time they come in and out carrying a window. It’s better to lay something over the floor to protect it.

Remove Pictures

The walls that have windows are them are going to be moving around a bit with hammering and windows going in and out. You should take any pictures or art you have on those walls off so they don’t fall in the commotion. Place them on the floor along a wall that doesn’t have windows or slide them under the couch or a bed to keep them safe.

Move Furniture

If you have furniture up against a window, like a bed or a couch, you will want to move those items as well. You should create a good-sized space for the installers and the windows to get in and out, even if the furniture is sitting in the middle of the room for a bit.

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Take Down Window Coverings

You can’t have anything over the windows when they are being removed and replaced so you will have to take down the window coverings, even if you have curtains that aren’t directly on the windows. Get those things out of the way and getting replacement windows in Aiea, HI will go easier and faster.

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