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Double Hung Windows With Your Trusted Hawaii Window Installers

Have you ever wondered which window style is installed most often in homes here on the island of Hawaii? It’s hard to say, honestly, with all the options there are these days. Homeowners have so many from which to choose: casement, awning, slider, double-hung… Each is so different and all offer fantastic benefits, when manufactured well and installed correctly.

The team at Discount Windows & Doors has noticed an increase in the demand for one particular style: the double-hung window. And, needless to say, we are excited about this classic window becoming so popular once again!

What makes the double hung window so exciting? Of all the windows, these are arguably one of the least complex designs (outdone only by the picture window with its simplicity). But simple is good (and, apparently, very desirable in a window choice).

Here are just a few reasons you may want double-hung windows in your home!

The traditional, untraditional look
The double-hung window is an unfamiliar name (to most) for a very familiar window style. First, this window is comprised of two sashes (unified glass and frames) which slide up or down—they’re set apart from the single-hung window, which has only one movable sash. This sleek look and simple operation harken back to a time filled with nostalgia, while remaining timeless and perfect for any structure.

Any material is fair game and easy to clean!
This style comes in any material you could want for your new Hawaii windows: vinyl, wood, and aluminum. And, because both sashes are operable, cleaning is much easier. Often times, homeowners are so eager to choose new windows that they forget to consider the small details (like cleaning!) But if you have ever attempted to clean the outside of your windows without an operable sash, you can appreciate the value in this style! Double-hung windows are uniquely easy to clean from inside your home because you can rotate the windows inward to clean each side of both the upper and lower portions.

This specific style offers you the option to open only the top portion of the window, if desired, which is a significant help to cross-ventilate your home. Here in Hawaii, this is especially beneficial to draw in the refreshing ocean air and the perfect nighttime breeze we all crave. Or, on warmer days, opening the lower and upper portions allows for the too-warm air to escape through the top (as heat rises) and the cooler air to be brought in through the lower half.

Safety for little ones
Another benefit, which is especially important to growing families, is the safety factor. Unlike other styles, double-hung windows allow you to have your windows open all day without worrying about children pushing on the screen and falling through or slamming their little fingers.

What else can we tell you about double-hung windows for your home? Come visit us and bring us your questions. We’ll find you the best fit for you and your family. The team at Discount Windows & Doors can’t wait to meet you!

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